Height Sensor
Height Sensor
Height Sensor

Height Sensor

Height Sensor FROG 100L


     ◆  Frog 100L independent capacitive height sensor adopts close-loop control method to control the laser cutting head’s capacitance follower.

     ◆  By providing a unique Ethernet communication(TCP/IP protocol) interface, it can support many functions with CNC controller for laser cutting, such as automatic tracking of cutting height, segmented piercing, progressive piercing, edge seek, leapfrog, arbitrary setting of lift-up height of cutting head.

     ◆  In terms of servo control, FROG 100L adopts the double-closed-loop algorithm of speed and position, and its performance of running speed and precision is obviously better than that of similar products.


      ◆      Sampling rate: 1000 times per second.

      ◆      Static measure accuracy: 0.001mm.

      ◆      Dynamic response accuracy:0.05mm.

      ◆      Following range: 0-15mm.

      ◆      Maximum acceleration: 2G. 

      ◆      The upper limit of the following speed depends on the upper limit of the servo motor speed and the screw lead (10mm screw lead and 6000 RPM servo, can reach up to 1000mm/SEC) .

      ◆      The signal will not decay with strong capacity of resisting when the length of signal transmission cable is up to 100m.

      ◆      Support network communications and USB online update.

      ◆      Adapt to any cutting head and nozzle.

      ◆      Support alarm while hitting the board and beyond the edge.

      ◆      Support edge detection and automatically inspection.

      ◆      Automatic calibration process, with fast and easy operations.

      ◆      Support leapfrog and section piercing.

      ◆      Support oscilloscope functions to detect the capacitance and height changing in real time.

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