Height Sensor
Height Sensor
Height Sensor

Height Sensor

Height Sensor FROG 200S

     ◆  FROG-200Sis a capacitive distance sensor and controller.

     ◆  During the laser processing, the distance between the nozzle and plate is not constant due to some factors such as unsmoothy workpiece and cutting high-pressure ait jet, which will have a negative effect on cutting finishing,even damage the nozzle and ceramic ring.

     ◆  FROG-200S can keep certain distance between the nozzle and plate constantly during high-speed laser cutting, protect the nozzle from collision and improve the cutting effect.


     ◆      Sampling Rate: 1000 times per second.

     ◆      Static Measuring Accuracy: 0.01mm.

     ◆      Following Range: 0~25mm.

     ◆      The signal will not decay with strong capacity of resisting when the length of signal transmission cable is up to 100m.

     ◆      Support network communications and USB online update.

     ◆      Support shake suppression function, can effectively suppress shaking caused by blowing and scumming.

     ◆      Fit for any cutting heads and nozzles.

     ◆      Support alarm while hitting the board and beyond the edge.

     ◆      Supports 1 point, 2 point and 16 point capacitance calibration, which supports the display of the calibration curve.

     ◆      Support capacitance real-time calibration, which can effectively reduce the influence of temperature and other factors on the capacitive sensor.

     ◆      16-bit DA output, output voltage (±10V) signal in sensor control mode, or linear height signal in the distance measurement mode output voltage (0- 10V), 1000 update cycles per second.

     ◆      14-bit AD input, detecting external analog voltage signal (0V-10V) to adjust the static distance in real time.

     ◆      Support oscilloscope function to detect capacitance and height changing in real time.

     ◆      Support oscilloscope function, which can view AD/DA changes in real time.

     ◆      Support EtherCAT fieldbus communication.

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