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Laser Cutting Application in Auto Manufacturing

Release date:2021-04-01


Laser Cutting Application in Auto Manufacturing

Laser cutting technology is to realize the processing of complicated cntour metals, through the high-energy laser beam irradiation on workpiece surface which can fused to generate deformation and finish cutting, under controller with CAD drawings tools. To meet various demands of processing, laser cutting is a really effective method in aspect of technique and economic.

Advantage 1 Save Production Cost

Laser cutting processing can save the cost of mold. Additionally, the finished product by laser cutting is in good quality and don’t need further grinding cost.

Advantage 2 Improve Production Efficiency

Compared to conventional processing methods, laser cutting has advantages of higher positioning accuracy and higher cutting speed, which could reach 100m/min,so as to shorten the manufactring time and improve production efficiency.

Advantage 3 Good Cutting Quality

Accurately cut complicated patterns and achieve better cutting finishing. Fiber laser machine is more flexible for small and medium batch, large area and completed-shape plate cutting.

Advantage 4 Larger Processing Area

Laser cutting machine will be with larger production area which can processing the whole plate effectively.

Advantage 5 Lower Maintenance Cost

Laser cutting machine has advantages of stable performance, long-time processing continuously and less damage, which will save maintenance cost in long term.