Medical Device Industry

Cutting Heads in Medical Device Industry

Release date:2021-04-01


Cutting Heads in Medical Device Industry

As we known, medical device has higher requirements for processing in aspect of accuracy, stability, safety, purity and other natures. Conventional metal cutting machine has defects in precision and safety controllability, and it is an inevitable trend of industry development to replace with fiber laser cutting machine.

In addition, the cutting slits for medical device are narrow, the laser beam is focused into a small spot and reaches high power density, and the material is rapidy heated to vaportiztion and evaporation into holes. With the relatively linear motion of the beam and material, the holes continuously form slits of narrow width(typically 0.1~0.2mm).

The production progress of fiber laser cutting machine is non-contact processing. The laser cutting head will not contact the surface of material to be machined and will not scratch the workpiece. For medical devices, a smooth surface is a basic requirement. In case the surface polishing process can be reduced as far as possible, the production efficency will be greatly improved.